Ashok Francis


Ashok is an IT graduate with 20 years of international experience. He has a keen interest in the construction industry and keeps himself updated on the latest technologies in this field.

He is in charge of Business Development, Finance and Marketing Strategy. Ashok is working on widening our client base, driving sustainable financial growth and forging strong relationships.

He sets realistic expectations with clients, helps the team develop proposals that speak to the client's needs and ensures that our world class services are showcased well. His exceptional communication skills, ability to think outside the box, meet tight deadlines, and embrace new ideas is a great asset in our endeavour to make ANDZ a leading and well loved brand in Design.

What our Clients say


“We are extremely thankful to the entire team of Andz for their excellent interior work in our Villa with top-notch quality. They are a team of great professionals with a wealth of experience who can bring customer dreams to reality. They are very honest, humble, easily approachable and always listening to their clients. After evaluating several interior design firms, we placed our trust in Andz which was an absolutely right decision. They made us super happy and satisfied with great attention to detail and true belief in quality. To be honest, we never visited the site during the work. They executed the work exactly as we wished. I’m impressed with their attitude and willingness to support until their customers are happy. Thank you Andz once again for the brilliant work!”

Mohamed Aslam and Fercy Fathima Aslam


“I just got an engagement completed with ANDZ. They are highly professional, responsive and moreover shows customer care in their deeds and not just words. Highly impressed with the professionalism, quality of work and responsiveness. Basically they don't have a "NO" in their dictionary for anything you ask. This justifies now on why we should work with professional people and organization. They don't differentiate between customers and treat everyone in the same manner. I will blindly recommend them for any Design and Interior works. Nice to work with Sunil, Roshni, Jaison and Ashok, really a team of talented professionals. Great work and all the best.”

Anoop Kumar, Mamala